RTW wants APB improvement suggestions

Written by Joe Martin

July 14, 2010 | 10:21

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Scottish developer Realtime Worlds has called for APB players to submit suggestions about how the game could be improved since the team finally has the time to work on them.

Previously, Realtime Worlds has been focused on launching APB and getting it stable enough to play - but now that the final product has launched the team is looking to patch things up.

"Over the last number of months, through the closed beta and KTTC, we've collected a huge number of issues, complaints, suggestions and requests covering all aspects of the game," wrote Realtime's Neil Castle on the official website - which is presumably where you should consider sending your ideas.

"Because of the focus of getting the game stable and going through the process of launch, many of these (especially the ones requiring significant changes) may appear to have fallen through the cracks.

"But they didn't," he added, "they've been sitting in our rather copious 'to do' list, waiting for us to have the time to begin to address them properly."

"This is your chance to help us prioritise our development efforts to tackle the issues that most concern you or add the features that you most want," he said.

APB has enjoyed strong sales but has suffered from middling to poor reviews. Phill took an especially dim view of the game in our APB review.

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