A new Doom Eternal trailer has been released

Written by Jennifer Allen

January 15, 2020 | 11:00

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A new Doom Eternal trailer has been released overnight, and it's looking rather action-packed.

Set for release March 20th after being delayed from its original November launch date, Doom Eternal looks like it's packing in as much action as you could wave a BFG 9000 at. 

The trailer describes a battle to 'conquer demons across dimensions and stop the final destruction of humanity' with confirmation that such fights will occur across the planet, hell, and heaven. It includes depictions of an angelic figure as well as some very far from angelic monsters out to kill you. In typical Doom style, the action is over the top and looks like a lot of fun. 

Also featured in the trailer were a brief look at new enemies which we've now learned include a Marauder and a Gladiator, new glory kills, and a new weapon in the form of a sword. It looks rather handy if you fancy a bit of up close and personal combat, but there are still plenty of more traditional Doom weapons out there too. 

As a brief reminder, Doom Eternal will launch for PC (and those pesky consoles) on March 20th. On the same day, Doom 64 will also be launched in remastered fashion and comes as a pre-order incentive. 

Various previews and insight into Doom Eternal suggests that it'll be a more challenging game than before, so there's a new hub space to bring it in line with other First Person Shooters. Five locations have been confirmed including Phobos, Mars, Earth, Heaven, and Hell with combat presumably being similarly frantic across the board. If you're interested in the lore behind Doom, there should be more insight about Doomguy as you play too. 

While there's no Deathmatch mode, Doom Eternal will offer Battlemode which is a 2vs1 multiplayer mode where you and 1 other player control demons against another player controlling a Doomguy style slayer. There's also an invasion style mechanic that lets you play as a demon and disrupt another player's single-player game. The thinking is it'll be like Dark Souls' way of doing things, although there haven't been many details on how it plays just yet. 

Bigger, brighter and better then? We shall see come March 20th. For now, the trailer looks rather spectacular in typical Doom style. 

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