Orange Box for PS3 next month

Written by Joe Martin

November 19, 2007 | 11:56

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The Orange Box is over now for most of us and, whether your favourite game was the story-driven Episode 2, the mind-bending Portal or the weekend-consuming Team Fortress 2, you still have to admit that the games were all brilliant.

Unless you've been holding out for the PlayStation 3 version that is, which still hasn't seen the light of day just yet.

Thankfully, PS3 gamers will be able to join the crowd soon enough as EA has just confirmed to Eurogamer that the PlayStation 3 version of the pack will hit shelves on December 14th.

The PlayStation 3 version of the game has taken longer to appear because of problems moving the Source Engine to the new hardware. The release also marks the first time that Valve has made a game for a Sony platform.

Rumours of further delays on the PS3 port have been on-going and for a while it looked like the game may have been pushed back to a 2008 release, but EA is now "adamant that it will be released before the end of the year", according to Eurogamer.

Are you one of the few people who hasn't played all of The Orange Box yet? Want to confess your sins? Do so in the forums. If you have picked up the game though then be sure to check the news about the Official Bit-tech and Intel Server so that you can jump in and have a game of Team Fortress 2 with us.
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