Nvidia to bring GeForce Now cloud gaming to Android

August 20, 2019 | 12:16

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Nvidia has confirmed that it is bringing its GeForce Now cloud gaming platform to Google's Android operating system, meaning it will no longer be exclusive to the company's own-brand Shield devices.

The consumer-facing side of Nvidia's GeForce Grid cloud computing initiative, GeForce Now launched as an exclusive feature of the company's Android-powered Shield TV microconsole family. Since then, the service - which runs your games on high-end hardware in a remote data centre, streams the resulting video to your lower-end client device, and sends your inputs back to the data centre again - has become available for Windows and macOS, and now Nvidia's bringing it to third-party Android devices too.

'Already in beta to the delight of one billion underpowered PCs that aren’t game ready, GeForce Now will soon extend to one of the most popular screens in the world, Android phones — including flagship devices from LG and Samsung,' explains Nvidia's Phil Eisler. 'Just like on [Windows] PC, Mac and Shield TV, when the Android mobile app releases it'll be in beta. We'll continue improving and optimising the experience.'

The announcement of Android client support comes alongside the beginning of cloud-powered RTX functionality, bringing the company's DirectX Raytracing (DXR) support to its GeForce Now datacentres - beginning, the company explains, with the data centres in Frankfurt and California, and to roll out globally in the coming months.

The Android port of GeForce Now comes as competition is hotting up in the remote cloud gaming market: Rival services from Microsoft and Google are to launch later this year, while rumours have suggested that Amazon and Verizon are to follow.

More information about the GeForce Now Android beta can be found on the Nvidia blog.

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