Nintendo not ceasing Wii U production, company confirms

March 23, 2016 | 12:33

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Reports that Nintendo is planning to cease production of its latest-generation Wii U console, possibly as it looks to launch its secretive next-generation NX device, have been soundly debunked by the Japanese company.

Nintendo's follow-up to the hugely successful motion-controlled Wii console was, it has to be said, not an unalloyed success for the company. Poor initial sales were blamed by some critics on the company's oft-confusing nomenculator choices - which has seen the company release a number of incompatible devices in the hand-held DS family - misleading consumers into believing the device was simply a Wii with a bundled touch-pad controller, but had the effect of turning third-party developers off the platform. Sony and Microsoft's decision to standardise on x86 hardware also made Nintendo's Wii U the odd man out, and while the device has a strong first-party catalogue it has been largely abandoned by third-party and cross-platform developers.

Reports circulated yesterday that Nintendo was planning to cut its losses and cease production of the Wii U as it prepared to launch the next-generation NX, but the company has now gone on record to reassure its fans and Wii U owners that the console is secure for now. '[We have] plans to continue production through the next fiscal year and beyond,' a spokesperson for Nintendo told local news outlet IT Media yesterday, describing the original report in the Nihon Jeizai Shumbun as 'not representing any official announcement from the company.'

Nintendo has been keeping details of its NX console under tight wraps, as it struggles to stem financial losses in the latest console generation.
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