Nintendo opens the doors for mobile Mario

Written by David Hing

March 17, 2015 | 11:44

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Companies: #nintendo

Nintendo has opened the doors for its intellectual property to appear on smartphone and tablet devices in new games the gaming giant will create.

Partnering with Japanese mobile gaming powerhouse DeNA, the two companies will jointly develop games for smartphones and tablets using Nintendo's portfolio of iconic gaming IP.

Although Nintendo's current crop of consoles and devices do feature touch-screens and could arguably be more adaptable to smartphones and tablets, Nintendo insists that the games developed for mobile devices will not be ports of existing games.

The intention is for the partnership to focus on titles optimized specifically for mobile devices and Nintendo has stated that this is to try and ’ensure the quality of game experience that consumers expect’.

Nintendo’s attention appears to be stretching beyond mobile devices too as the announcement of the deal makes mention of a cross platform service across tablets, consoles and even PCs.

As well as the move into mobile territory, Nintendo also announced it is working on a new next-gen console, currently codenamed the NX, although details beyond that are thin on the ground and not expected to be revealed any time soon.

Last year, Nintendo made a statement that it was open to developing smartphone apps but that these would be more ‘service’ apps as opposed to games.
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