Microsoft replacing scratched Halo 3 discs

Written by Joe Martin

September 26, 2007 | 09:29

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Just the other day news started coming in about faulty packaging on the Halo 3: Limited Edition, with many discs being scratched as a consequence.

A large number of bit-tech readers had pre-ordered the game themselves and were understandably miffed about the situation, but for those people there is now some good news. Microsoft has pledged to replace any damaged Limited Edition discs.

According to Halo 3: Limited Edition has now been officially added to Microsofts disc replacement program, which offers replacement discs at a small fee of about £10 or $20.

Halo 3: Limited Edition owners however can get a disc replacement for free, provided the disc is returned before December 31st. The offer covers both the game disc and the Halo 3 essentials disc which comes with the Limited Edition package.

The downside is that owners will obviously have to go without Halo 3 for a little bit in the mean time. Better a delayed game than a broken game in our opinion though.

The problem with scratched discs is caused by discs coming loose inside the box because the hub which holds the disc in place is to shallow to properly grip the game. The problem only affects the Limited Edition version of the game and not the Standard or Legendary Editions.

Have you got a scratched version of Halo 3, or are you one of the two people on the planet who hasn't bought the game? Let us know in the forums.
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