Metal Gear Solid gets a movie

Written by Wil Harris

May 15, 2006 | 14:41

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Hideo Kojima appears to have confirmed that a film version of Metal Gear Solid is in the works.

Eurogamer has a story in which Kojima says that "I have received many offers to adapt Metal Gear Solid. It has taken a long time, but we have finally settled on an arrangement. False facts aside, a movie project is underway. I have finalized a Class-A contract with a party in Hollywood."

Sounds pretty sweet. Reuters has Kazumi Kitaue, the head of Konami's North American and European operations, quoted as saying "We are considering it." Quite whether that means it's done or not we're not sure.

A new film could well tie in to the plot-line of the series, the new installment of which is due out next year. Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots features Snake in what appears to be his last mission, in one final attempt to take down Big Boss. The trailer was shown at E3 and was the highlight of the PS3's showing.

Other game franchises hitting the big screen soon include Halo, World of Warcraft and Splinter Cell.

What could the plotline of the MGS movie be? Who would play Snake? Tell us what you think over in the forums.
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