Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro helm new Silent Hill

Written by David Hing

August 13, 2014 | 11:53

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Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima and director Guillermo del Toro are working on a new game in the Silent Hill series.

Silent Hills was announced by Sony yesterday at Gamescom indirectly through an ‘interactive teaser’ trailer for P.T, initially billed as a new horror game for the Playstation 4 from 7780s Studios, a previously unheard of developer.

Sony showed off a trailer for P.T during its Gamescom press conference and told viewers that the interactive teaser was available on PSN. Playing through the trailer rewarded those trying it out with the Silent Hill reveal.

The close of the P.T demo shows the main character walking through a quiet fog-filled street reminiscent of previous Silent Hill games with Kojima and del Toro’s names appearing on the screen, followed by the character turning around and showing that he is being played by Norman Reedus of Walking Dead fame. The demo finishes on a Silent Hills title card with the series theme tune playing over the top of it.

The P.T demo is currently available to download on the PSN store.

Earlier this year, Kojima went on record as saying that he was keen to work on a Silent Hill game and claimed he would be a good fit for the franchise. Last year, he also told Eurogamer that Konami had contacted him in relation to working on a Silent Hill game due to him mentioning the series in interviews.

This unconventional method of revealing a new game is consistent with previous stunts that Kojima has pulled. Metal Gear Solid 5 was initially announced as The Phantom Pain, also from a previously unheard of and fictitious developer, Moby Dick Studios.

Kojima also showed off parts of Metal Gear Solid V during Sony’s Gamescom press conference, focusing on new outrageous functionality for the series’ famous cardboard box. These extra features might have been a joke, but with the Metal Gear series having its fair share of quirks, it is difficult to say for certain.
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