Mass Effect 3 will have gay relationships

Written by Clive Webster

May 16, 2011 | 12:43

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Posse of gaming luminaries ‘Rock, Paper, Shotgun’ claims (via GayGamer) that the eagerly anticipated Mass Effect 3 is set to feature ‘same-sex romances for both female and male Commander Shepards.’ This move is likely to cause plenty of controversy, especially after the recent ructions over the girl-on-Asari action of the previous two games.

Previously Bioware, the developer of the Mass Effect series, hasn’t included gay romances stories for male Commander Shepard characters. However, there was a romance option for female Shepard characters and the distinctly female mono-gender alien race the Asari.

Bioware has said that gay male romances were left out of the previous two games to give the game a ‘PG-13 movie’ feel and that in Mass Effect 2 ‘we kinda pulled back and looked at where we had to draw the line in terms of how much content we make. How much can we support?

Those quotes are attributed to the same Casey Hudson (via Destructoid) that tweeted the news that at least one male gay relationship will be possible in Mass Effect 3.

RPS also reports that PC Gamer has teased some other news from Bioware on the forthcoming (but delayed until ‘Q1 2012’) game. We’ll get to meet everyone from the first two games (or at least those that survived), and ‘Tali, Garrus, Liara, Ashley or Kaiden and a new character called James Vega are confirmed as potential party members.

RPS also says that if you had a romance with two different characters in the two games, they’ll know about it in Mass Effect 3. Combat is also said to be ‘”quite different,” with an emphasis on special abilities such as melee-focused characters’ and that ‘there will be big robots piloted by small men’ which sounds frankly odd. Now that we’ve whipped up your Mass Effect 3 interest, here’s the slightly disappointing trailer so you can get back to whatever it was you were meant to be doing:

Before you go though, let us know whether you approve of reported equality in same-sex romances, and just how much you’re looking forward to the game even if you never opt for that storyline, let us know in the forum.
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