Kojima: "Stop asking about MGS4 for Xbox 360"

Written by Joe Martin

August 27, 2008 | 11:46

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Hideo Kojima is getting a little be grumpy as lately, asking that people please stop asking him about whether or not Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots will be coming to the Xbox 360.

"I've been doing a lot of interviews and stage shows, and half the questions are like 'Will MGS4 be coming out on 360 or other formats?', and in the near future I hope they'll ask me about Metal Gear, about us, about our future projects, and will stop caring about the hardware," Kojima told Eurogamer.

Pressed on the topic, Kojima said that it would probably not be possible to do a port to the Xbox 360. Metal Gear Solid 4 had been made on the PlayStation 3 because Konami believed that the console was integral to the success of the game and that the engine therefore had been built only with the PS3 architecture in mind.

"But, you know, what kind of disturbs me sometimes, because a lot of people ask me about this PS3/360 question, is that it's not about the hardware - I want people to look at the game itself. Sometimes I even feel like it should be on a PC so that people don't ask me about hardware and platforms," he said.

"If we're talking about the future - not MGS4, but my future titles, if we're referring to that - if the hardware technology rises then obviously, you know, it won't be based on the hardware anymore. Probably I will first create the software and then, um, it's a strange word to say, but port to other hardware if that technological ability rises in all areas."

So; no Metal Gear on the Xbox 360. Disappointed? Let us know in the forums which platform you think is superior.
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