Jack Thompson to help EA buy Take-Two?

Written by Joe Martin

March 3, 2008 | 11:36

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Floridan attorney and fierce anti-GTA spokesman Jack Thompson has offered his support to EA in a public letter which claims he will help back them in attempts to buy out rival publisher Take-Two, it has emerged.

EA is currently in the middle of trying to buy out business rival Take-Two, which publishes the Grand Theft Auto series that Jack Thompson has opposed so vehemently over the years.

Of course, EA isn't the only interested party - Activision too considered making an offer.

Currently, Take-Two is standing it's ground and refusing to bow down to any offers, but Jack Thompson is hoping to change all that - no doubt in an effort to stem the flow of GTA games at the source.

"I am delighted to work with Electronic Arts to evict the Zelnick Trojan Horse from within Take-Two’s corporate walls. In doing so, I can get the new Take-Two into the clear as to the trouble I and others can send its way...Zelnick is the source of trouble headed Take-Two’s way, not I, and EA can make the case, with my help, that such trouble can be avoided," said Thompson in a letter seen by GamePolitics.

EA and JT would make an unusual match as Thompson has in the past spoken out against games like The Sims 2 on the basis that they contain "full frontal nudity" (though this was blurred). However, Thompson has recently spoken in defense of other EA games such as Mass Effect, which actually did feature tastefully handled sex scenes - so maybe the burned bridge between the two has been mended?

Should EA take Jack Thompson up on his offer? How do you feel about Ea buying up Take-Two? Let us know in the forums.
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