HL2: Orange Box delayed on PS3?

Written by Joe Martin

May 25, 2007 | 11:42

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IGN recently managed to get a preview of Half-Life 2: Episode 2 and came back with some interesting news, which may or may not be true.

While they obviously reported that they loved the game and that Valve were doing the usually excellent job of continuing the adventures of everybody's favourite crowbar wielding mute, they had some less impressive news regarding the PS3 release;

"All that remains now is the long wait for October when Half-Life 2: Orange Box (hopefully) sees release on PC and 360. For PS3 owners, the wait will be even longer and possibly into 2008."

Kotaku soon picked up on the story and contacted Doug Lombardi of Valve to confirm IGN's bombshell.

"I'm not sure why the IGN guys have that listed. Right now, we're targeting early October for release of The Orange Box on all three platforms - PS3, PC, and 360," Doug Lombardi told reporters.

We're taking that news with a pinch of salt though because, while Valve is known for its top-quality games, its reputation for keeping to release dates isn't so good.

What do you think - is the delay for the PS3 likely, or is IGN just stirring it up a little bit? Would the delay prove to be another nail in the coffin of the PS3? If you've got a clue, then get to our forums.
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