Echochrome trailer released

Written by Joe Martin

July 17, 2007 | 15:18

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We pride ourselves on our gaming knowledge and prowess here in the bit-tech offices. Between daily co-op matches of Serious Sam and multiplayer Trackmania: United tournaments, we're forever scouring the internets (yes, all of them - Ed.) for gaming news and interesting tidbits.

Still, its inevitable that some games will slip under the radar. Echochrome is proof of that as only a single bit-tech writer had heard about it before.

Set to hit both PlayStation 3 and PSP sometime in the future, this could be just the addictive and mind-bending game to finally make every single one of us go out and buy a PS3 or two.

Gameplay seems simple and involves manipulating the camera so that the figure can traverse the warped and incredibly bizzare levels. Described as a fusion between Lemmings and the work of M. C. Escher, it doesn't look like the player can control the on-screen figure directly but must merely use the camera in order to obscure obstacles.

How it'll work on a Sony console will be interesting to see as, to our mind, the PC, DS and Wii would be the obvious choices for such a low-tech, high-concept title.

Games like Echochrome and Portal seem to be part of an increasing trend for new and innovative games which use simple mechanics to great effect and Echochrome, like Portal, is a game which is hard to describe to someone unless they've seen it. So, do yourself a favour and check out the trailer below.

There's no release date available just yet, but Sony promises that the game will be available on UMD for PSP and for download to the PS3 via the PlayStation Network by March, 2008. Honestly, we can hardly wait.

Do you know of any cool indie games, or do you just want to talk about Sony some more? Drop us your comments below.

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