Hackers leak Xbox One SDK

Written by David Hing

December 31, 2014 | 11:54

Tags: #hack #sdk #xbox-one

Companies: #microsoft

A group of hackers have leaked the official Xbox One Software Development Kit with the intention of kicking off the homebrew modding system for Microsoft’s latest console.

Hackers going by the name of H4LT leaked the SDK via their Twitter account and various media outlets. They have subsequently followed the release up with documentation for the SDK as well.

Talking to The Tech Game, H4LT stated that they felt sharing the SDK would help the modding community achieve progress faster and that keeping the code to themselves would not achieve anything.

With the SDK in the hands of modders, it is possible that homebrew applications will start to appear for the Xbox One, similar to the sorts of applications and custom dashboards that started appearing for the Xbox 360.

At present however, H4LT admit there’s no exploit currently that will allow developers to bypass being officially registered and approved by Microsoft to release any software for the console.

The leaked SDK comes hot on the heels of the Christmas distributed denial of service attack that hit Xbox Live. The DDoS attack, courtesy of a now incredibly unpopular Lizard Squad, hit both Xbox Live and Playstation Network and stopped users from getting online over the Christmas period.
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