Games that have disappointed us today

Written by Wil Harris

May 11, 2006 | 23:23

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Today, we've been absolutely blown away by some of the titles that we've seen on the show floor. Crysis and Gears of War have absolutely made our jaws drop. But coming into the show, we had some ideas about games we were really excited about - unfortunately, they haven't all lived up to expectations. What's up with that?

Battlefield 2142: We're all massive Battlefield fans at bit-tech. Needless to say, the idea of BF2 but with Mechs really got us going when we heard about the game a few months ago. Unfortunately, BF2 with Mechs is really all that it is. It appears to be the same graphics engine, the gameplay is almost identical - it really just feels like BF2 with a new skin on it, more of a mod than a new game. Now, if that's all you're looking for, then you'll be happy - but frankly, we were hoping for something more. If that is all BF2142 is going to be, it's going to be given a major run for its money by Quake Wars, which we also checked out (and looks substantially better). We really hope we're wrong on this one.

Huxley: Billed as the first MMOslashRPGslashFPS, the idea of a persistent world with character generation and FPS gameplay seemed awesome. In practice, the graphics engine is average, the gameplay is no different from BF2 and the RPG elements are, as far as we can tell, rudimentary. By the time it comes out next year, it's going to be looking severely dated, and we'll all be too busy playing Crysis to care. File under 'would have been OK six months ago.'

Prey: Using the Doom 3 engine, Prey promised a great FPS experience from the makers of Duke Nukem. In reality, it's Just Another Bland Shooter. The level design is uninspired - how many metallic corridors does one gamer need? - and the weapons are puny and boring. The Doom 3 engine looks pretty dated next to the Unreal and Crysis kit we've seen here, and there appear to be no gameplay innovations to make up for any of the other shortcomings. We won't be slavering over this one.

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