Final Brink trailer released

Written by Clive Webster

May 6, 2011 | 09:22

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Bethesda has released the last preview video for the forthcoming parkour-based FPS game Brink. The trailer is the second to detail some key gameplay mechanics and strategy elements of the game, which looks set to keep many servers busy with frenetic wall-running, fence-jumping multiplayer action.

The first training video revealed the basics of the game – that you can play the game in three ways, either as a story-driven campaign, in freeplay mode or to take on challenges to unlock new weapons.

All three games take place on the Ark; a self-sustained city floating across the rising oceans of the bleak near-future Earth.

Brink also uses a class system, and Bethesda claims this requires the player to choose the right class at the right time. You’ll probably need to master all the classes to succeed, from solider to operative to engineer. While the first training video tells you some basics of how to move around, the new second trailer shows how the game is played.

For example, it shows you how the SMART movement system works in practice, letting you vault over obstacles and parkour your way around without having to mash buttons. It also show you how the three body types – heavy, medium and light – work in practice.

You’ll get some tips on how the health and redeployment systems work as well. This might sound like n00b 101 training, but Brink uses a fairly intricate system for heath, recovery and deciding when and who can revive team-mates.

We've been excited about the possibilities of the game since our Brink preview, and the video below should be considered required viewing for anyone planning to play the game – there are no excuses for any n00bish behaviour, even on day one.

Brink is scheduled for release across Europe on 13 May on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. Are you looking forward to playing Brink? Let us know in the forums.
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