Brink gets new release date

Written by Joe Martin

April 12, 2011 | 11:47

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Bethesda has moved the release date for Brink forward by a week, claiming that developer Splash Damage has managed to finish production ahead of schedule.

Brink will now see a May 10 release in the US, while it will hit Europe and the rest of the world a few days later on May 13.

Brink is the next game from Splash Damage, the team behind the Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory and Quake Wars: Enemy Territory games.

Billed as a first-person shooter that blends together its singleplayer and multiplayer modes, Brink has players cast as either lawmen or rebels on a floating city called The Ark - the last bastion of civilization in an over-populated world. Missions are mainly objective based and combat makes heavy use of a Mirror's Edge-style free-running system.

You can check out our latest hands-on preview of Brink for more information on the game, or check out the trailer below if you want a quicker and more explosive overview.

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