Fallout 3 trailer released

Written by Joe Martin

June 6, 2007 | 11:49

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First there was Fallout, and things were good. Then came Fallout 2 and things were arguably even better. Then Fallout 2 begat a run of crappy sequels and spin-offs and things were not so good. Then Interplay had a lot of financial difficulties and things were quiet for a long time. Until now.

Bethesda, who recently bought up the license to the Fallout series (excluding a possible MMO), has just released the first trailer for what is hoped to be a return to form for one of the best and most-loved RPG series ever. The Fallout 3 trailer, which can be streamed or downloaded from the official site has been released after a thirty-seven day countdown throughout, which fans were teased with concept art for the new game.

The trailer is, according to Bethesda, all rendered in the games engine and uses "I don't want to set the world on fire" by The Ink Spots as the soundtrack. The Ink Spots previously provided their own style of 50's music for the original two games.

The trailer also uses the voice of Ron Perlman, who starred in films such as Hellboy and Alien: Resurrection, for the brief but nostalgic narration. Ron Perlman, who previously narrated both Fallout 1 and 2, has been signed to narrate the entire game and will no doubt be kicking the game off with the famous line; "War. War never changes."

The trailer may be short, but at least it's sweet and by bringing back some of the classic feel to the game fans have been assured of how committed Bethesda is to making a quality gaming experience.

It's a shame that the release date for Fallout 3 is listed only as 'Fall 2008', putting it more than a year away for a projected release, but if the game is shaping up as well as we hope then it'll be worth the wait.

What do you think about the trailer? What features do you want to see in Fallout 3? Are you worried it'll just be a post-apocalyptic Oblivion? Let us know your reaction in the forums.
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