New Fable card game from ex-Lionhead devs on Kickstarter

Written by Jake Tucker

May 31, 2016 | 17:40

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After the announcement that Lionhead, one of the most prominent British game developers ever, would be shut down earlier this year, one of the most painful things was that the next Fable game would be going down with it.

IGN revealed yesterday that the team at Lionhead had been working on a Fable card game titled Fable Fortune for 18 months before the studio was shut down, but some of the old Lionhead team are adamant to keep this game alive and release it to the world.

Now, as a part of Flaming Fowl, a new independent studio, they’ve received a go-ahead from Microsoft to continue working on the project. Without the support of being an established studio, today they’ve released a Kickstarter for the project, with the goal of £250,000 to finish the game off.

Fable Fortune is being developed alongside Mediatonic, and features many of the Fable series’ defining features: a somewhat absurd sense of humour, morality systems, and the world of Albion behind everything. The game will be free-to-play upon release and available on PC and Xbox One, with iOS and Android coming at a later date. Check out the Kickstarter, which features some gameplay footage, right here.
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