Epic: Crysis will be as good as it gets

Written by Joe Martin

July 31, 2007 | 14:07

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That DirectX 10, eh? That stuff's looking good, like really. It's the type of thing that could take us all to a new level of graphical bliss if game developers all hop on to use it.

Unfortunately, some of the big players in game design just don't think that's going to happen.

Speaking to CVG this week, Mark Rein, the VP of Epic, has said that he thinks that DX10 won't see the massively enthusiastic adoption PC gamers are hoping for.

Why? In a word: consoles.

"[Developers will] have to dumb the games down for the consoles...[It's] less and less economically viable to do the super high-end stuff," said Rein.

In fact, Rein thinks that Crysis will be the height of graphical brilliance for a pretty long time - probably until we see a new generation of consoles. The man's obviously never heard of Project Offset.

Epic is currently hard at work building the PhysX-enabled UT3, which it claims is built to run on two-year-old PC rigs easily. While that's going on, it's also fending off lawsuits from Silicon Knights.

We're not entirely sure his reasoning is correct, and we hope it isn't, as putting super high-end games in a PC-only position could be a way to revitalise the PC gaming scene. Still, I suppose having a pause in graphical advancements could be a good thing if it forces developers to focus on other technological and gameplay issues.

Reckon Crysis is the best we'll get for another five years, or so you think Epic is backing the wrong horse? Let us hear your thoughts in the forums.
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