Deus-Ex: Human Revolution site hacked

Written by David Hing

May 13, 2011 | 14:27

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Security news and investigation site KrebsOnSecurity reports that hackers struck the official Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Eidos websites on Wednesday. The hackers are said to have stolen data for over 80,000 registered users and 9,000 resumes.

A splinter group from the Anonymous hacking group has been blamed for the attack on the Square-Enix-owned game site, and the group is apparently planning to release the data on file-sharing networks.

The site was defaced by a banner reading: ‘Owned by Chippy 1337’, along with the names of hackers associated with Anonymous that do not appear to have been involved in the attack, plus directions to their IRC channel. However, a leaked IRC conversation from the alleged splinter group reveals that the names could have been a red herring.

One user, called n, suggests a plan to 'make a deface page pointing @ xero with personal info or someone else you dont like.' Meanwhile, another member of the group called evo describes the attack as ‘the ultimate troll’ on IRC.

The chat logs also allude to the leaking of the ‘src’, most likely referring to the website’s source code.

A moderator on the Deus Ex: Human Revolution forums states that no official comment passed has yet been passed to the forum from Square-Enix. He also added that he had 'no idea if forum user passwords were compromised but better safe than sorry.’

The attack comes days after the high profile attack on Sony’s online services, which has meant that Sony’s PSN may stay offline until May 31. Sony’s SOE MMOs also suffered downtime as a consequence of hacking.

We hope this latest hack doesn't affect the release of Deus Ex: Human Revolution, but in the meantime you can watch the latest video of the game below:

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