Destiny rakes in $325m in first five days

Written by David Hing

September 18, 2014 | 10:06

Tags: #destiny

Companies: #activision #bungie

Destiny has sold more than $325m worth of copies in its first five days on the market according to a statement from Activision.

The sales figures are based on Chart-Track, first parties, retail customer sell-through information and the publisher’s internal estimates.

’Destiny fans played more than 100 million hours of the game in the first week. That's on par with the engagement levels of our most popular Call of Duty games, which obviously is an industry leader,’ said Activision chief executive Eric Hirshberg.

Destiny has taken the crown of most expensive game ever made with an alleged budget of $500m and Activision has previously announced that it has shipped more than $500m worth of units to vendors.

Developer Bungie and publisher Activision have signed a ten year deal for Destiny implying that expectations for the title are high. The console-only massively multiplayer online shooter-rpg has received mixed critical reception but is attracting a great deal of interest in the gaming community.

Earlier this week, the game’s first raid, the Vault of Glass, was opened up by Bungie and subsequently defeated by clan PrimeGuard, collectively dying 1606 times in the process. One of the clan members described it as playing like a ‘co-op FPS Dark Souls’.
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