Darwinia and sequel heading to XBLA, PC

Written by Joe Martin

March 26, 2008 | 10:28

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Three years after the original PC release of Introversion's breakthrough strategy game Darwinia, the developer has confirmed that the game will be coming to Xbox Live Arcade.

In fact, not only that, but the game will be bundled with a multiplayer sequel called Multiwinia. Both games will be packed in a bundle called Multiwinia: Survival of the Flattest and the multiplayer portion will be launched on PC at the same as the Xbox 360 release. Survival of the Flattest is currently scheduled for release this autumn.

When we first started Introversion back in 2001, the idea of developing our games for a console seemed an impossible challenge, and whilst we have built a fantastic community around our PC games, and will continue to support that, it has always been our dream to take the next step and produce a console title,” said Introversion's Chris Delay.

Multiwinia is the natural conclusion of what we started with Darwinia way back in 2002 and with the launch of Live Arcade, Microsoft has presented us with a fantastic opportunity to get onto a rung of the console ladder. We're really looking forward to introducing Darwinia+ to a whole new audience.

To pass the time until the release of Multiwinia, you can check out the recent guest column Introversion's Mark Morris wrote for us about why Introversion will always stay an independent developer. That, or you can tell us what you think of Darwinia in the forums.
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