Prison Architect alpha rakes in $100,000 in three days

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October 1, 2012 | 08:16

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The playable alpha build of jail management sim Prison Architect pulled in more than $100,000 in its first 72 hours on sale.

The 2,667 sales have been made through developer Introversion's Kickstarter-inspired page which is offering differently priced packages in return for various additional bonuses. The price points range between $30 and $1,000, with four people already picking up the highest price package.

Additional incentives included for various pricing tiers of Prison Architect include pdf art books for the game, a download of the official soundtrack and having a prisoner in the game named after you. For the $1,000 package, you will also help to name and design one of five playable wardens.

At the Eurogamer Expo over the weekend, producer Mark Morris and designer Chris Delay said they were 'absolutely stunned' with the game's reception.

The pair detailed some of the features that will be coming along to subsequent versions of the game which included tunnelling prisoners and riots. They are also considering implementing prison gangs but this feature is proving more problematic and requires more work before it is included in a release.

Introversion, also responsible for Darwinia, Uplink and Defcon, states that Prison Architect is likely to be in alpha for 'quite some time' and no completion date has been confirmed. The title, which made itself known to the public in November 2011 as part of a Humble Indie Bundle, draws inspiration from Theme Hospital, Dungeon Keeper and Dwarf Fortress.
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