Dark Souls 3 Launch Trailer is here, equal parts broody and beautiful

Written by Jake Tucker

March 23, 2016 | 12:15

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Hear that sound? It's the sound of Dark Souls 3 clanking it's way towards release. This launch trailer is the next step in it's rapturous launch.

It's a pretty good looking trailer - albeit heavy on the melodrama, and the production quality on the trailer shows how far the series has come since a petition brought the original Dark Souls to the PC. This one concludes the trilogy but is also the last in the series, meaning it's the last chance to explore the strange world From Software have created. See the trailer below.

There's a weird bit of kerfuffle with the launch dates for the game. It'll release in Japan on March the 24th, but won't be available over here in the United Kingdom until April 12th.

I actually don't rate Dark Souls, and never have, but I've always felt like the odd one out as everyone else is keen for the game. So, help me out here - if you like it, tell us why. If you're not a fan... well, let me know so we can show solidarity to each other.

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