Rocket League adds free Basketball flavoured "Hoops" mode

Written by Jake Tucker

April 20, 2016 | 20:34

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Rocket League is, truly, the gift that keeps on giving. Not content with being one of the most ridiculous multiplayer games of the last year, it then brought us an ice hockey mode and has now delivered “Hoops” mode, letting you try your hand at car-powered Basketball.

In addition to letting you slam dunk with a car, Rocket League Hoops will also bring the free new arena “Dunk House” to the game, a map which according to Psyonix is all about aerial and wall play. When I last played it seriously I was having enough trouble driving around on the floor, so it’ll be interested to see what the growing pro scene can do with the new mode’s focus on acrobatics.

Rocket League has been oddly enduring and Psyonix are claiming 14 million players. It was my first review for this very site, where I praised it: "At its best, Rocket League’s tense 5 minute matches rival even the immortal Speedball 2. But only with an internet connection. Much like sport in real life, Rocket League is only really fun if you’ve got people to play with."

The Hoops update releases on April 26th and it’s free on the Xbox One, PS4 and Steam editions of the game. The update also includes a free NBA logo flag for all players, but really, just look at it. It’s car Basketball and the chaos in this trailer has to be seen with your own eyes.

Okay, fine. I'll start playing Rocket League again.
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