Crytek defends Crysis 2 DRM

Written by Joe Martin

March 21, 2011 | 10:04

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Crytek has defended the use of anti-piracy DRM on upcoming shooter Crysis 2, saying both that as a company it has to protects the products it makes and also that most users fail to notice.

' know there's a lot of negative feelings toward DRM,' Crytek's Natham Camarillo told GameShark. 'But, I mean, what are we supposed to do? The actions of a few are causing maybe a mild inconvenience for others.'

'If I'm playing a game and it has DRM on it, do I notice? Not really. I just know that there's something going on, but doesn't really enhance my play experience. So, it's something that we'll have to look at in the future.'

It's worth pointing out too that Crysis 2 has already been leaked online, with a full-but-ornery version of the game slipping out of the studio more than a month ahead of release.

While Crytek has put on a brave face in the fallout of the Crysis 2 leak, it has admitted that piracy is still a big problem for PC developers. The PC Gaming Alliance, however, reckons that the practice is on the decline.

On Friday we showed our Bit-Gamer Facebook followers that we had copies of Crysis 2 on both Xbox 360 and PC, asking which we should review first. The DRM on the PC version has forced our hands, however - look out for the console review in the next few days.

Check out our Crysis 2 resource centre for more information on the game, then let us know your thoughts in the forums.
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