Cryptic Studios reveals Star Trek Online

Written by Joe Martin

July 28, 2008 | 12:44

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Keeping a lid on things can be tough sometimes - just ask Cryptic Studios, which had it's latest project outed via a small slip in a job posting in the Games Career Guide e-newsletter this week, which we found via Joystiq.

Bad news for Cryptic, but good news for us - Star Trek Online has just been revealed.

The game has since been confirmed for PC and console formats, though which console is still hazy. STO will also be set after all the TV series and films and will cast players as a starship captain for either the Federation or the Klingons.

Major features will include deep-space exploration and away missions to planet surfaces, as well as the ability to customise and outfit your ships and crew however you like.

The Star Trek Online game has long been rumoured, but has had a turbulent history so far. The game was originally in development at Perpetual Entertainment, but duties were handed over early this year to a then-unnamed Californian-based developer.

In March 2008 rumours started milling around that it was Cryptic who had picked up the rights to the game, but they were never confirmed and slowly the hub-bub faded away. Now we know the truth though.

Would you be excited to play a Star Trek Online MMO, or would you be more interested in well, anything else? Let us know your thoughts in the forums.
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