Mass Effect coming to iPhone

Written by Joe Martin

April 30, 2009 | 16:18

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BioWare today confirmed previously announced plans to bring Mass Effect to a handheld platform by announcing a new spin-off title for the iPhone and iPod Touch; Mass Effect: Jacob's Story.

The Baldur's Gate developer has hinted at plans to develop for the iPhone for a long time now, though a Mass Effect spin-off had only previously been rumoured for the Nintendo DS.

Just announced via Joystiq, BioWare will be titling the game as Mass Effect: Jacob's Story and plans for it to be a prelude that will lead up to the release of Mass Effect 2 in 2010.The game will focus on a new character in the franchise, a biotically-enhanced super-soldier called Jacob Taylor who uncovers a terrorist conspiracy to assault "civilization's greatest beacon of hope".

Jacob's Story will apparently be a more action-orientated take on the Mass Effect universe and will be played from the top-down perspective. It will have a hand-drawn art style that will be used in the comic-styled cutscenes and should retail for under around £3 GBP in the UK AppStore, with a project two hours of gameplay in the adventure mode and an extra survival mode on top.

Mass Effect might not be the only game BioWare has in mind for the iPhone either, as Joystiq hints at Dragon Age games in the future too. Personally, we've got our fingers crossed for an adaptation of Baldur's Gate.

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