American Mcgee talks Grimm

Written by Joe Martin

May 30, 2007 | 10:24

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The news hit a few weeks ago that American McGee, the oddly named designer behind some of the best levels in Quake and Doom, was working on a episodic game to be released on Gametap.

Titled American McGee's Grimm, the game would be developed over a whopping 24 episodes and would deal with McGee's usual twisted take on fairy stories, in this case the stories of the Brothers Grimm.

Since then though, details have been a little thin on the ground and we've not uncovered much other than that the game will be co-designed by R.J. Berg, who also worked on American McGee's Alice, though you might not believe it given the name of the game.

In a recent interview though, American McGee has revealed a few more details about the game and, while some of it has got us very excited, some of it has us a little wary:

"Each episode revolves around a single fairy tale in need of rescuing from political correctness - the player needs to re-introduce the original darkness to each tale...The mission goals are simple: "Make the wife a widow" - and the obstacles involved are character driven, interesting, and often darkly funny." Said McGee to GamesRadar.

That about covers the good news then, appealing to our dark sense of humour and need to crush the dreams of little children everywhere through the glory of the interwebs. Unfortunately, it doesn't all sound as interesting:

"This is accomplished through a series of mini-games, usually involving a single, simple game mechanic, such as flying, driving, sneaking, herding, etc.

Ugh. Episodic mini-games based around a single idea, it may not be bad but we'd honestly hoped for so much more.

Is episodic gaming the future, or something we'd sooner forget? How do you feel about casual games? Let us know in the forums.
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