Judge says Bully is OK for sale

Written by Wil Harris

October 16, 2006 | 10:29

Tags: #bully #florida #lawsuit

Companies: #jack-thompson #rockstar

Last week we reported that a Florida judge asked Rockstar to present Bully to him in court, in a bid to ascertain whether it should be allowed to go on sale.

Championing the 'ban it' corner is legendary lawyer Jack Thompson, who says that Bully will corrupt the nation's youth.

Well, the man with the wig had Rockstar play it through for him over the course of a few hours on Friday, and decided that there was nothing in the game that kids couldn't see on prime time TV. It might not be in the best taste, and it might not really be suitable, but it's not really banning material, in his opinion.

Jack claimed that the two-hour play-through was not sufficient due process, and is appealing the judges decision to allow the game to go on sale. If he is unsuccessful, it will hit retail shelves on November 17.

However, at the moment, the law favours Rockstar. What are your thoughts on the game? Come and pick on us over in the forums.
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