bit-tech's Christmas Wishlist

Written by Harry Butler

December 6, 2010 | 10:49

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I'm something of a serial upgrader, and combined with a compulsive personality, I also tend to be an early adopter of new gadgets and toys. As such, there aren't too many techno-wonders that I haven't already taken the plunge with, and barring a major PC overhaul, there's little I want this Christmas.

Unlike Clive though, I'm not going to get all mushy, and instead am wishing for something a little more selfish than peace on earth and goodwill to all men. Ever since I was first converted from the heathen ways of consoles to the glorious PC gaming master race the PC has, in my mind, led the way in the development of new games. Back in the day titles like Half Life, Deus Ex and FreeSpace 2 blew anything the consoles could manage out of the water, and the bleeding edge of games development was undoubtedly Windows based.

As the saying goes though, 'that was then; this is now.' With the increased costs of development and the very real of threat of piracy, every new title of any substance has to be developed as a multi-format release to maximise profitability. As a result, what's possible from games in terms of scope and gameplay is held back by the consoles, or as I call it, the lowest console-denominator. There's simply no money to be made pouring millions into a ground breaking PC title when the big money markets are all on console. Is there?

bit-tech's Christmas Wishlist Christmas Wishlist - Harry
Remember when games used to be like this?

Well, tell that to Blizzard, which possesses the nearest thing to its own money printing machine in the form of World of Warcraft. Or the immensely wealthy chap behind Minecraft, a game people are so desperate to play that they'll happily pay for it when it isn't even finished. Neither of these could ever work on a console with a joypad, and neither could many of the other successful PC only titles that are so often overlooked. Relic's Company of Heroes and Dawn of War series of RTS games are fine examples, as is the unstoppable juggernaut that is the Football Manager series.

PC gamers are out there, waiting for games they deem worthy of their cash and ready to spend what can be a huge amount of money. The latest and greatest game doesn't have to be a titanic hardware hog in the mould of Crysis; with the unmatched online capabilities of the PC there's so much untapped potential. We don't want recycled, held back, dumbed down console fodder (although that can, sometimes, still be fun); this console generation is over five years old and the PC is starting to look more and more like a neglected goldmine. Come on developers; show us what the PC can do.

That and a kitten, which would also be cool.
bit-tech's Christmas Wishlist Christmas Wishlist - Harry

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