After a short absence, forum user Mankz is now back with the latest instalment of the bit-tech modding forum update. So, without further ado, we're going to hand the reins straight over to Mankz to see what's been happening:

New forum member Herodj95 has been using sheet metal, acrylic and hand tools on his project Iron Revenge; a great-looking, simple build with the project's name cut into one side and back-lit by red cold cathode tubes.

Meanwhile, MI MEGAMAQUINA is a gargantuan double-width scratch built case. It features lots of fan holes, loads of aluminium and plenty of work to watch out for in the future. Another new member, Bumbeldi, has also been doing lots of complicated routing to make custom parts for Lian's Spirit, based around the awesome V1010 case.

If you're into incredibly clean builds, beautiful photography and complex watercooling loops, then you need look no further than CM 690 II - 'Mariazinha' by mordillo. He uses dual loops and custom made partitions to keep his build aesthetically pleasing, while also keeping all the system's components cool.

We also recommend taking a good look at GuilleAcoustic's planning thread - It's jammed full of plans for every different form factor, from massive water-cooled ATX machines down to minuscule mini-ITX rigs. We're discussing universal USB modding tools too, and arakis has some rather interesting plans for a great sounding controller.

Also, don't forget to check out this month's edition of Mod of the Month - we've got six more fantastic projects vying for your votes.

If you've got a project you think we should be talking about, or you've just started one of your own, let us know about it in our forum.
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