Mod of the Month - September 2011

It's that time of the month again and, as usual, we've had no end of talent to choose from our forum. We've had plenty of newcomers join the ranks too - many of this month's contenders are either long-time lurkers or new to bit-tech, which is great news.

We've got a mix of projects this month, from bulldozers through laser-clad defence platforms to wooden arcade gaming machines. All of them need your votes, and all of you now have multiple votes to use if you're finding it difficult to choose a project, so make sure you use them.

If you're new to bit-tech and modding, or haven't ventured into our forums yet, make sure you check out our Modding and Project Logs forums, as well as our Modding section, where you'll find guides and articles written by the makers of some of the best projects we've seen.

We're proud to have the legendary Mnpctech sponsoring Mod of the Month. The Mnpctech guys are regulars on our forums and, in addition to being avid modders themselves with some awesome projects to their names, the Mnpctech online store is also well worth a visit from every modder.

Mod of the Month September 2011

The winner of Mod of the Month will get one of these awesome prizes from the Mnpctech store itself. There will be some new and exciting products from Mnpctech on the horizon too, but for now feast your eyes on these pieces of true PC bling.

Mod of the Month September 2011

Prize 1 - 240mm Mnpctech Billet Radiator Grill

This radiator grille is CNC-milled from 3/16in thick 6061 aluminium, and features removable grille inserts. The grille measures 5.5in wide x 10-1/4in long, and its 15mm screw-spacing fits Feser, Black Ice, Swiftech and Thermochill Radiators. Includes M3 screws (1/4in length).

Mod of the Month September 2011

Prize 2 - Set of Machined Aluminium PC Case Feet

Each of these case feet is made in a CNC Lathe by Mnpctech from a 1-3/4in diameter aluminium rod. Each foot also has a thick, hard rubber insert to protect your desktop and help prevent vibration. Requires 1/4in mounting hole. Each foot has a diameter of 1-3/4in and a height of 7/8in.

Mod of the Month September 2011

Prize 3 - Pair of Mnpctech Billet Case Handles

These are CNC-machined from 0.75in-thick aluminium, and include four fasteners and nuts. The handles have dimensions of 0.75 x 6.25in (width x length), and feature 0.25in mounting holes.

Thanks to Mnpctech for stumping up such fantastic prizes again this month. Last time, we had six new projects going head-to-head, and each one has the potential to become a big hit Blue Horizon - forum user riekmaharg2's spectacular scratch-built PC came first, ahead of Airbender by @nton and ATCS 840 PoLoMoD by PoLo in third.

Back to this month, we've got six of the best for you again, so don't forget to vote for your favourites. Note that you can also now vote for more than one project if you're finding it tough to choose a favourite.

This Month's Contenders

Mod of the Month September 2011 Mod of the Month September 2011
Mod of the Month September 2011 Mod of the Month September 2011 Mod of the Month September 2011 Mod of the Month September 2011

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