Bit-tech and Custom PC folding team takes 6th place

Written by James Gorbold

May 3, 2011 | 15:23

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Not put off by the recent spate of hot weather in the UK, the bit-tech and Custom PC folding team has upped its production considerably over the last couple of months, resulting in us retaking 6th place on the world leaderboard.

In addition to knocking the largest Russian team, TSC! Russia, off the 6th place spot, we're also set to climb another two places within the next three months. Further afield, we should be able to reach 3rd place in just over a year.

A significant the reason for the recent success of the folding team is the release of an improved version of the bigadv core, which yields a particularly large amount of points if folded before the deadline set by Stanford.

In addition, many team members have started switching over their Nvidia-heavy GPU farms to more energy-efficient Sandy Bridge systems. This doesn't bode well for the GPGPU-software movement, which proved popular with the folding community for a few years with its greater performance and efficiency, but has so far failed to really break into mainstream computing.

Finally, while folding is definitely a team activity and every work unit folded is helpful for the project, we would also like to pay special tribute to one team member: zz9pzza.

zz9pzza only joined our team a few months ago, and typically only folds at weekends, but in that short time he's already climbed to 21st place in the world, thanks to his outstanding daily average production of just under 5 million points. That's almost three times faster than any other single folder in the world and more than most non-top 10 teams' total output. I know zz9pzza isn't a big fan of publicity, but we'd all like to say thank you for his great contribution to medical science via our folding team.

The recent success of the team also bodes well for the Chimps Challenge 2011, the yearly competition between the world's leading folding teams to produce the most points over a two week period. Of course, we're also generating a shed-load more in the way of medical research results for Stanford University to analyse, which could lead to cures for diseases such as Alzheimer's. You can read more about the medical science behind the project here.

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