Apple to repair faulty Mac Pro graphics cards

February 9, 2016 | 13:40

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Apple has reportedly launched a repair programme for some of its Mac Pro units, following reports from customers that the graphics card may fail and lead to image corruption and even a failure to boot.

The Mac Pro was unveiled back in June 2013, boasting of an innovative design which places the system components around a central triangular heatsink. While the look of the system attracted jibes about dustbins, the figures were hard to argue against: more powerful hardware than its predecessor in system a fraction of the size.

Sadly, users have begun reporting issues with the device which appear to be linked to either a faulty batch of or badly-installed graphics cards. Units manufactured between February the 8th and April the 11th 2015 and specified with the AMD FirePro D500 or D700 graphics card have begun to die, with symptoms progressing from showing signs of graphical corruption to hard resets and even an inability to boot whatsoever - symptoms not a million miles away from the company's MacBook Pro GPU design flaw, which the company agreed to repair even outside warranty after a four-year battle.

Strangely, though, Apple appears reticent to go public with a recall programme for the affected machines. Instead, Mac Rumours is reporting that the company has launched an internal repair programme, where it will repair affected systems upon request but will not be publicising the fact.
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