Brazilian sex video scandal could cost YouTube

Written by Ryan Garside

January 5, 2007 | 10:40

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Former fiancée of world renowned, buck-toothed footballer Ronaldo, Danielle Cicarelli, is suing Youtube after the site played host to a naughty video starring her. In the video she is seen in coitus with her boyfriend Tato Malzoni, whilst bathing in the sea.

The really interesting thing about the case is the amount of money the model is suing YouTube for. For every single day that the video has been uploaded the model is demanding $116,000 compensation - that's the equivalent of £60,000.

A Brazilian court has now ruled that YouTube be shut down until the video has stopped being uploaded. Unfortunately, due to the user-driven nature of the site, YouTube has failed to stop the video from being circulated. Every time the company has attempted to delete it, the video has been resubmitted again and again. For a time, it was the most viewed video in Brazil.

It's highly unlikely that the Brazilian court will be able to have YouTube shut down though. With the company based in the United States it's unclear what right a Brazilian court has. What's more likely is for Brazil to pursue an avenue where they block all YouTube related content from the country. That, however, probably wouldn't go down too well with the locals.

The suing, which will no doubt increase the model's worldwide profile, hasn't stopped the spread of the video. Metro News is now currently hosting the official video, whilst YouTube - as is expected - is playing host to plenty of spoofs. Our favourite is the mosquito parody below (to appreciate it fully you need to see the original).

Do you think Cicarelli has a case? Should Brazil be able to shut down YouTube? Let us know your thoughts in the forums.

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