PirateBay has servers seized by Swedish police

Written by Wil Harris

May 31, 2006 | 14:12

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Early reports suggest that The PirateBay has had its servers seized by Swedish police.

The site disappeared offline this morning, with no explanation. According to Slyck News, which claims to have spoken to a spokesperson at the site, the servers were seized in a police raid, with police investigating whether or not illegal activities were being conducted.

""The police right now is taking all of our servers, to check if there is a crime there or not (they are actually not sure)," ThePirateBay.org spokesperson “brokep” told Slyck.com."

Sweden's copyright laws are incredibly liberal, a fact which has allowed the site to operate the world's largest BitTorrent tracker with impunity. There is still doubt as to whether or not the site has actually committed any crimes - it merely lists Torrents, rather than hosting copyrighted content.

Two PirateBay personnel were arrested, but vowed to move the site to another country if Swedish authorities took them offline permanently.

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