Laser TV technology to kill plasma

Written by Ryan Garside

October 13, 2006 | 11:11

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In a recent column Brett discussed the confusing world of high-definition television. That debate could soon get even more befuddling as a new company, creating 'Laser TV's', has entered the fray.

This report, which originates from the Sydney Morning Herald, claims that a soon-to-be-listed company called Arasor International has unveiled the world's first Laser TV. The important facts about this TV are that it will be twice as good as plasma television, cost half as much and will use a quarter of the energy used by LCD televisions.

The Sydney Morning Herald say that the screen looks "brighter and clearer" than a rival Plasma screen and also state that it is planned to be released Christmas 2007. The chief of the American company Novalux,which is partnering with Arasor in this venture, went so far as to say this would be the end for plasma televisions:

"If you look at any screen today, the colour content is roughly about 30-35 per cent of what the eye can see. But for the very first time with a laser TV we'll be able to see 90 per cent of what the eye can see. All of a sudden what you see is a lifelike image on display."

The unique technology powering the laser TV is the optoelectronic chip. It's already impressed the big money companies with both Samsung and Mitsubishi already on board with the project. For everyone wanting a television over 40" this could be the must have purchase of 2007!

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