Hitachi unveils 1.5”-thick plasma

January 7, 2008 | 07:28

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In the ongoing war between LCD and plasma display technologies one of the battlegrounds understood by just about everyone is thickness: nobody wants a return to the days of two-foot deep CRTs. The thinner a display is, the sweeter it looks mounted on a wall just like in the home improvement programs.

Hitachi has obviously been watching said programs, as they have announced a plasma display which is just 38mm thick. The screen is a reasonable 50” diagonal and supports a full HD 1080p resolution for all you Blu-Ray/HD-DVD buffs. Plasma displays of a similar size are currently around the 90mm mark – the Panasonic TH50PHBK is 95mm, as an example.

Expected to hit the streets some early in 2009 the screen is expected to have lost some weight, too: Bill Whalen, director of product development at Hitachi, reckons it'll weigh less than half compared to current plasma displays and claims that “it could be a new category in plasma.

The fans of plasma are always singing the technology's praises when compared to LCD, but it's no secret that LCD displays have been outselling plasma screens for quite some time. Hitachi is well aware of this little fact and is also working on a svelte LCD due out around the same time and clocking in at a frankly astonishing 19mm. If they manage to get to manufacturing without adding any depth it'll beat the recently announced (though with no release date mentioned) Sharp 52” panel by a single millimetre.

Do you look for anorexic models when shopping for screens, or are you all about the width? Let us know via the forums.
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