Game buys Gamestation for £74 million

Written by Joe Martin

May 2, 2007 | 15:52

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It was announced today that Game, has outright bought its nearest competitor, Gamestation, for a total of £74 million.

Game, which is the largest video games retail chain in Europe and which has over 500 stores, will keep the Gamestation brand separate from its own brand, but will now operate Gamestation's 217 stores, including the Birmingham branch which is said to be the largest video games store in Europe.

Game Chairman, Peter Lewis, said that; "The Gamestation business is one we have long admired and is complementary to our existing business in terms of both store portfolio and target customers."

"By investing in both brands we will further enhance the group's retail strategy while continuing to deliver and broaden our consumer reach. I am confident that this transaction will add considerable value to Game and its shareholders over the coming years,"

Last year Game announced profits of £2.1 million and declared it would be opening 80 new stores this year.

It's going to be interesting how the market reacts to this news however, as Gamestation has in the past been linked to more 'hardcore' gamers rather than the larger, more casual market that is associated with Game stores. Will the rebellious, hardcore market yell 'Spartacus' and rebel? Only time will tell.

Is this knowledge going to affect where you buy your games from, or do you only care for the best deal, regardless of brand loyalties? Let us know in the forums.
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