Overclockers UK teams up with Game for high-street PC sales

December 4, 2015 | 11:01

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Overclockers UK has announced that it is dipping its toes into the high-street retail waters, partnering with Game to sell gaming PCs, components and accessories in a limited number of shops.

The partnership between Overclockers UK and Game, announced today, goes two ways: Game will stock Overclockers products on its website and in selected high-street shops, beginning with the company's Basingstoke and Manchester Trafford Centre units, while Overclockers will integrate Game's digital wallet system into its own website in order to allow the spending of reward points and trade-in credits. Next year, Overclockers will also add Game's digital distribution system to its own website.

The focus of the partnership, though, is on the high-street sales. For Overclockers, it's an opportunity to get its products - including components and fully-built gaming PCs - in front of a new audience; for Game, it's a chance to boost profits with some high-margin items while encouraging PC gamers through the door.

'As the UK’s leading gaming specialist we are constantly working to enhance our offer in every area of gaming, making gaming more accessible to the widest community possible,' claimed Game's UK managing director Charlotte Knight of the tie-up. 'This exciting new partnership with Overclockers epitomises our dedication to this, and particularly within the PC gaming category. Overclockers UK’s reputation for high performance PC hardware proceeds them – their fantastic in store and online offering through Game will immediately enhance our offer for PC gamers, giving them access to a huge range of specialist PC products with the added benefits that shopping through Game brings.'

'The combination of Overclockers UK’s expertise and the retail estate of Game is the ultimate way to introduce and demonstrate gaming hardware to a wider audience,' added Overclockers UK executive director Steve Ling. 'By working with Game we can give customers somewhere to experience PC gaming on the high street outside of our Newcastle-Under-Lyme store.'

The partnership will begin with a limited roll-out, the companies have confirmed: as well as the Basingstoke and Trafford Centre flagships, Overclockers products will begin appearing over the next few weeks in Bournemouth Castle Point, Cardiff, Chester, Braehead in Glasgow, Gloucester, Gateshead Metro Centre, Portsmouth, and Teeside Park stores.
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