ViewSonic VX2776-smhd Review - Colour Gamut

Colour Gamut

Our first test is a simple assessment of how well a monitor can cover both the sRGB and AdobeRGB spectrums. The former is the most important for the majority of users, and we expect all panels to cover all or virtually all of it. The latter tends to be more applicable to professional designers and media or content creators that need greater colour accuracy across a wider gamut.

Colour Gamut

Datacolor Spyder4Elite, max brightness

  • ViewSonic VX2776-smhd
    • 97
    • 75
Percentage Covered (Higher Is Better)
  • sRGB Gamut
  • AdobeRGB Gamut

ViewSonic VX2776-smhd Review ViewSonic VX2776-smhd Review - Colour Gamut
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