What's going on behind the scenes at bit-tech?

Written by Tim Smalley

February 18, 2009 | 11:50

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In an effort to bring you even more comprehensive coverage of the latest hardware, games and technology industry related news, we are working hard to make the bit-tech team a more rounded and versatile machine.

I know that some of you have probably been sticking pins into your very own Felix Dennis doll following some of the recent happenings. And even though this might not sound quite right at the moment, Dennis doesn't want to damage the great relationship we have built up with our readers.

Your feedback on things like IntelliTXT in particular has been invaluable and it's helping us to ensure that great relationship we have with our readers doesn't diminish because, like I say, we (both the bit-tech team and our new owners) don't want the great community we have to disappear. With that in mind, it's been very much a learning process for the new team of people helping us to run the site behind the scenes.

But even though there have been a couple of things that haven't gone quite to plan in recent weeks, it's not all doom and gloom – there's actually a lot of great things happening at bit-tech.
In particular, one of the benefits of the Dennis Publishing acquisition is the access we have to a group of very talented and likeminded writers from Custom PC magazine. As you know, there's a certain amount of crossover between the two and the plan going forwards is for bit-tech to use some of the Custom PC team's resources and vice versa.

The goal here is that we create a more rounded bit-tech with a bigger team of writers contributing – you'll first see some of the Custom PC team cropping up on this blog and writing the occasional article or review as well. In addition to that, there will be a few more freelance contributors writing for the site – you will have already seen some of Ben's work in the news section and the plan is to grow our news coverage without diluting it with unrelated news. There were often very relevant stories we missed because there simply weren't enough hours in the day for the in-house team to write them.

In short, the idea behind all of this is that we'll be able to make our coverage even more comprehensive than it was before because we'll be able to spend more time on articles where we feel we could have spent it if only we had more resources in the past. Think about major GPU and CPU launches for starters, but then look beyond that and expect to see some interesting features as well.

Of course, there's another, very important section of the site that cannot go ignored as well. We don't want to forget bit-tech's modding roots, as it very much enabled the site to grow into what it is today. Frankly, it hasn't really been given the attention it deserves for the last few months at least and cogs are turning to change that very quickly – you'll be getting more information on how that is all going to work out very soon.
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