Hardware 13 - A Case of the Uglies

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July 28, 2010 | 13:33

Tags: #gtx-460 #hardware-podcast #k-series #larrabee #overclocking #sandy-bridge

Welcome one and all to Episode 13 of the bit-tech and Custom PC hardware podcast.

As befits the summer, this episode is a loud, effects laden blockbuster, where the team talk about Intel's K-series overclocking CPUs and the rumours about Sandy Bridge's lack of overclocking.

Antony and James explain our updated case testing methods, and we cast an eye over Cooler Master's HAF X and the Antec Dark Fleet.
Also up for discussion and dissection, Nvidia's GeForce GTX 460 - the green team have successfully turned Fermi from flop to formidable, and ATI doesn't seem to have a quick answer.

The panel then talk about the brand new Xbox 360 S, and then turn their attention to Intel's Larrabee - James doesn't think it's dead, just resting and getting ready for a return.

As usual, drop us your thoughts on the Pod in the forums, and subscribe via the links below, or just download the MP3 file.

Thanks as always go to Brad Sucks for our intro music, the hard rockin' Dropping out of School.
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