The Sea of Grey

29th Feb. 2008 by Tim Smalley

With so many great products in the £100 to £150 price range, there's never been a better time to buy a performance mainstream graphics card... or has there? Tim Smalley mulls over the ups and downs of having lots products to choose from.

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Chicks dig RAM

19th Aug. 2007 by Brett Thomas

Windows Vista has been labelled a resource hog by many and some think this is completely justified because Vista doesn't change the way we interact with our computers. Brett Thomas thinks that it's unjustified and looks back to when PCs weren't as powerful as they are today.

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Flogging the Wrong Dead Horse

26th July 2006 by Brett Thomas

Symantec has been taking aim at the beta of Windows Vista in an effort to show it's still security's top dog. But is it good to be so blunt on a beta? Columnist Brett Thomas doesn't think it's much more than bad marketing, and here's why.

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An open letter to the graphics ecosystem

21st Oct. 2005 by Wil Harris

Inspired by a recent HardOCP editorial, Wil publishes a recent email ponderance on the topic of benchmarking graphics boards. Where is the industry going?

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Q.A. Gone M.I.A.

13th Oct. 2005 by Tim Smalley

With the pace that the industry is moving forwards at right now, we often come across problems when manufacturers send us products that are not ready to be sold to the consumer. Tim Smalley discusses the realities of getting kit before anyone else and the flaws in publishing reviews before a product is ready to ship.

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Mod of the Month June 2020 in Association with Corsair

July 1 2020 | 17:34