Hardware Podcast 10 - All Praise the Capital of Hardwareland

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March 1, 2010 | 12:20

Tags: #competition #core-i7-930 #gulftown #hd-5830 #optimus #prizes #radeon #ssd #transformers #trim #win

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The long-awaited (or so we’d like to think) tenth episode of the Hardware Podcast sees Rich, Clive, Harry and James rather confused about tenses and timelines. You’d think that four reasonably intelligent hardware reviewers would be able to understand that if you record a pod on Thursday to cast on Monday, you need to act as if Monday is in the past. Apparently not. Revealed in this pod: the capital of Hardwareland is Gulftown, and the most effective components for an energy-efficient PC.
The team are pretty hyper-active – that’s what comes of spending all your time in a sunlight-deprived labs drinking TIM cleaner and breathing in the fumes of popped capacitors I guess. Still, there’s coherent conversation to be found, about such topics as the new [eurl=http://www.bit-tech.net/hardware/cpus/2010/03/01/ intel-core-i7-930-cpu-review/1]Intel Core i7-930[/eurl] and why you need TRIM support for your SSD.

Just to prove they’re not mad, the chaps take time to denounce the terrible Michael Bay Transformer films before talking about Nvidia's Optimus laptop tech and why the ATI Radeon HD 5830 isn’t very good value for money. That said, we’re eternally grateful to the large truck that drove through the podcast studio just as Rich was discussing something that we were later told we couldn’t talk about on pain of pain. There’s a Yorkie bar and a copy of the Sun in the labs for whoever that was.

You can also win a tat bag choice selection of quality branded merchandise by correctly guessing what hardware the guys are talking about this episode – send your guesses to podcast [at] custompc [dot] co [dot] uk with the subject line ‘Hardware 10’. That’s also the address to use if you have millions of LEDs to sell, apparently… Feel free to drop us a mail with questions or some non-LED topics for discussion though! Use the links below to listen or download the pod.
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