Asus Xtreme Global Summit Competition Week 4 Winners

Written by Alex Watson

August 21, 2009 | 17:54

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And so we reach the end... the end of the beginning, at any rate, as we're ready to announce the final five winners of tickets to our Asus Xtreme Global Summit event along with the prizes that entails.

This week's blog post was all about overclocking, and the question we asked was simple: "what single tweak, invention, feature, BIOS option or idea would make overclocking better for you?

Read on to see who the lucky winners are!
Winner 16: capnPedro
The capn nailed it with his suggestion, we feel: "Temperature probes which get the REAL, CORRECT temperature, and a BIOS/OS collaboration so software can actually read this value easily and reliably."

Winner 17: deltaworld
Deltaworld's suggestion appealed to our love of gadgets with his suggestion about using an iPhone app for overclocking:

"Have a Wi-Fi or BlueTooth connection directly to an iphone app that can then give you all the dials and parameters to adjust the overclocking, from Voltage Adjustments FSB adjustments/fan adjustments and the nice thing is.. you will always have your phone/iphone with you and no wires. Ideal if you want to show off your kit on a lan gaming convention and from a practical point of view the software can have pre-saved configured setups where one click would adjust everything from voltages to fan speeds so you could essentially use your iphone like a remote to switch to a low power consuming silent profile for media and internet viewing to another click for oc'd beast for gaming."

Winner 18: Mister_Tad
Mister_Tad's suggestion wasn't as flashy as some of the others, but it did seem eminently practical:

"I always thought having onboard dump would be useful when trying to figure out what's holding back an overclock. Have a small amount of flash memory on the motherboard that holds maybe 15 minutes of rolling logs of low level data. When your system reboots unexpectedly, pop in a USB stick and drag the logs across, or even access it from the OS. From this one may be able to determine where the failure is and figure out if the problem is voltage/cooling, which component gave out etc."

Winner 19: crash32953295@msn.
We're not quite sure how wise a move it is to have your MSN address as your forum name, but hey, we liked Crash's suggestion of "an online community where people can share and create configs for people to overclock with." It's an idea that's come up in various forms quite a few times in this competition, and one we'd love to see happen with some support from motherboardmanufacturers.

Winner 20: MajorTom
And our final winner is MajorTom, weighing in with the importance of voltage when it comes to overclocking:

"I'd love to see a BIOS that could calculate and set the minimum safe, stable voltage for each component at their current settings. This would also be handy for undervolting. It would be one less thing to be concerned with until final minimal tweaks where you could set it manually."

And that's it! Winners, check your PMs and get in touch, we've got prize details for you. Thanks to everyone who entered, you've done yourselves and bit-tech proud with some really thoughtful suggestions and discussion. Stay tuned for coverage of the event, too!
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