Icy Box USB 2.0 External Drive

Written by Fred Hunt

July 13, 2004 | 00:00

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Icy Box USB 2.0 External Drive Introduction
What is it: Icy Box IB-350U-BL External USB 2.0 Hard Drive Enclosure
Supplier: Nanopoint
Cost: RRP £30
Availability: Now
Verdict: Flawless design and implementation.

"That's sexy that is!"

That comment, coupled with curious, inquiring looks was what I was subject to on setting the Icy Box USB 2.0 enclosure on my desk at work. Within minutes I was surrounded by my colleagues; inquiring more about the silver and blue device and asking where they could get one from.

Icy Box USB 2.0 External Drive Introduction
Essentially the ICY Box serves as a housing for a single IDE hard drive, allowing you to expand your PC's storage through a USB port. It works on both USB 1.1 and USB 2.0 but of course the data throughput to the drive will reflect the respective USB speeds.

If a product could sell on looks alone, this would probably be the one. Does it work as well as it looks? I hope so, or I'll never live it down when all the desks in my office have been equipped with one. Over the next few pages I'll do my best to be the office hero. Why not click on and join me.
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